Services @ St Nicholas in July

COVID update


Sunday’s and midweeks services will resume as normal thereafter.

Sundays at 10.30 am.

Wednesdays at 9.30 am short service of Holy Communion.

Restrictions until further notice will apply.

 (1)   Restricted numbers as per the risk assessments with social distancing must still be adhered to.

(2)  Face coverings must be worn within the buildings unless exempt and hand sanitizer used.

(3)  No singing to be allowed, although organ or music can be played.

(4)  Communion will be in 1 kind only  i.e. bread/wafer.

(5)  No refreshments or mingling after the service.

St Nicholas church has been prepared to comply with social distancing, pews have been cordoned off to indicate where you may be seated.   To this end the maximum number at any one time is 15, a household counts as 1.

  • please be ready to wait to gain admittance.

  • Please sanitise your hands when you arrive and when you leave.

  • There will be a someone at the door to assist.

  • Please wear a facecovering, unless you are exempt.

  • To limit the spread of infection all books are already placed in the pews and should remain there after the service.

  • No singing will be permitted.

  • Communion will be in one kind.

toys and books have been removed until it is considered safe to bring them back

Please click the links below to access the Church of England’s daily Prayers

Reverend’s Kim and Sharon will continue to be available on either the phone or through email. Tel, 01702 904557 Tel, 01702 216725


      All welcome @ All services

For further details, contact Revd Kim Lepley 01702 216725

‘Jesus and Me’           for young people at St Nicholas


During Holy Communion services and Morning worship, all children are invited to take part in theme based activities in the Church Hall.

For Barling Services – click here for their website.