Church Building


We have had a problem with rising damp which has affected the walls inside and out.  The walls outside have been repointed, new drains and soakaways have been installed and the damp plaster has been removed from the interior to allow the stonework to dry out.  This needed to dry for about 6 months before it could be re-plastered. The plastering is complete, and waiting for this to dry out before the church can be re-decorated.

Grants will pay some of the costs, and Friends of St Nicholas are providing most of the funds needed.  As work progresses more problems are arising, so any contributions will be gratefully received.

or photos of the church see here.

You may be aware that a car ploughed through the railings during the night at
the beginning of December, damaging a few graves in the process.
The driver was fortunately not injured, and apprehended at the scene.
If you are the family of:
Lucy Deadman 1924
Burrells family between 1913 and 1940
George Clark 1930 and Louisa Clark 1956 –
Or you know the families, please get in
touch with me on 01702 294029.
Theresa (Churchwarden)