Broomway Beagle

Broomway Beagle 

Our Church magazine, “The Broomway Beagle” has been suspended.  Much of our news, had been cancelled or postponed.  and the logistics of delivering to almost 3000 houses was a call we were not able to make.  We can only get this up and running again with some help.  please consider volunteering.

When we are up and running again the Broomway Beagle will be produced every month.  and will be delivered to every house in Great Wakering, Little Wakering and Barling Magna.

If you could spare a little time to help us, we’d be very grateful! Plus, if you have a Fitbit, it will help you get towards your daily 10,000 step target…!

If you can spare an hour or two once a month Please e-mail

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March 2020 Broomway Beagle

February 2020 Broomway Beagle


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Would you like to contribute towards the printing costs of an edition of the Broomway Beagle in memory of a loved one, or to mark a special occasion.


Deadline for items to be included in the next edition is 11th of the previous month.

Editor – Contact Peter King by clicking here

Why is it called the Broomway Beagle?

The Broomway is an an off-shore ancient and treacherous path which was once the only link between the mainland and Foulness Island.  In 1953, floods struck the area and cut off Foulness and this path proved to be a lifeline.  The path leads almost a mile out to sea and earned its name by stick-like broom handles which were used to mark the path.

Beagle was the ship on which naturalist Charles Darwin made his evolutionary voyage.  The ship was used as a blockage in the creeks around Wakering in 1857 as part of an anti-smuggling effort.