A Church for the 21st Century?

I would like you to consider with me unlocking the potential of our church building. How we might enhance our worship to increase the dynamic of what and how we do Sunday by Sunday. And what might be possible during the week with increased facilities.

For example:

·         In the porch replace the wooden door with a timber frame and glass door to increase the light and see in and suggest that we are an open and welcoming church.

·         Provide a kitchen and toilet within the footprint of the building – possibly on the left of the main door or add on to the left.

·         Re-site the children’s space to the left with a user-friendly area.

·         Use the current space to have a prayer cross and votive candle stand for use as a prayer aid.

·         Use the wall to contain a children’s board and one each for general use and one for Mission info.

·         Re-site the board of Vicar’s names elsewhere in the building – possibly on the South wall between the windows.

·         Replace the pews with chairs containing under seat place to put books etc and extend seating provision nearer the sanctuary.

·         Sand and varnish the floor or cover with decent carpet.

·         Improve the lighting in the Nave with uplighters to provide better light and make a feature of the internal roof.

·         Improve heating in Nave in particular and building generally.

·         Install Data projector and screen.

·         Redecorate where appropriate in church and Vestry.

·         Improve lighting and heating in Vestry.

·         Extend sanctuary dais a further two metres or so to bring the altar forward into the main body of the church and nearer the people. Provide removable rails for flexibility.

·         Consider removing the pulpit to improve sight lines.

·         Make Lady Chapel into a separate sound proofed meeting room with timber and glass enclosing it under existing arches. Put in sliding doors or some other appropriate mechanism to open out when necessary.


These are only suggestions and by no means exhaustive to get us thinking about what we use our building for and the potential within it.

We have an ancient building that has seen many changes over the centuries to meet the needs of its congregation and local community. It will probably be an ongoing development of the resources in our stewardship and requires careful thought and prayer to meet the needs of the 21st Century.

It is a challenge I believe we can aspire too with God’s blessing and further the mission of the Church and the Gospel in an ever changing environment.

I hope you will feel excited at what we can achieve in our ministry together and what God has in store for us.

To have faith is to move mountains … let us be bold and strong.

Please address further suggestions or comments on the above; in writing.