Services @ St Nicholas in June

Sunday 30th June @ 10.30  United Holy Communion at St Andrew’s there will not be a service at St Nicholas, or All Saints’

Sunday 7th July @ 10.30  Holy Communion

Sunday 14th July @ 10.30 am United Holy Communion at St Nicholas there will not be a service at All Saints’ or St Andrew’s

Sunday 21st July @ 10.30  Holy Communion                                                                          @ 5pm Deanery Songs of Praise at All Saints Barling.  Followed by BBQ.

Sunday 28th July @ 10.30  Family Worship.

   Tuesdays @ 9.30 am Morning prayer at All Saints’

Wednesdays @ 9.30 am Holy Communion at St Nicholas’ The church will remain open until 12.00. Come along for a quiet moment , to light a candle or say a prayer.  Or just to have a look around.  Come and look at the new historical display.  All Welcome.

Thursdays @ 9.30 am Holy Communion at St Andrew’

       Home Groups  –     first week of every month.

1st Monday evening – Lynda 218249

1st Tuesday evening Sue 217098

1st Tuesday am – Kim 216725

   All welcome @ All services

For further details, contact Revd Kim Lepley 01702 216725

‘Jesus and Me’           for young people at St Nicholas

During Holy Communion services and Morning worship, all children are invited to take part in theme based activities in the Vestry.

For Barling Services – click here for their website.


An opportunity to enjoy fellowship, worship and prayer, and to engage with the bible.  Please contact Kim for further details.

Prayer Space

All Saints Barling @ 7.45 – 8.30pm – dates to be published

Regular prayer time; an opportunity to spend time in the presence of God and each other.